FOI Podcast Episode 17

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  • Song Name: FOI Update
  • Artist: Ibrahim Hasan
  • Album: FOI
  • Year: 2009

This is episode 17 of the UK’s first Freedom of Information podcast from Ibrahim Hasan, an information law expert.

In Janaury (10) and February (17) 2009 the Information Commissioner published twenty seven (27) decisions whilst the Information Tribunal published eleven (11). I’m here to guide you through some of these.
In this episode, amongst others, we will be discussing decisions on:

• Requests for information in electronic form
• The first ministerial veto of a Tribunal decision
• Section 35 and the public interest test
• When statistics about properties can be personal data
• Correspondence between Princess Diana and the government
• Information about job applicants
• Disclosure of major IT contracts
• AND the first FOI appeal to the House of Lords