Freedom of Information Podcast No: 15

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  • Song Name: FOI Podcast No:15
  • Artist: Ibrahim Hasan
  • Album: FOI Podcasts
  • Year: 2008

This is a two monthly podcast by Ibrahim Hasan on the latest FOI decisions.

In September (22) and October (11) 2008 the Information Commissioner published thirty three (33) decisions whilst the Information Tribunal published eleven (11). I’m here to guide you through some of these.
In this episode, amongst others, we will be discussing decisions on:

• Information held on behalf of coroners
• Section 21 and information held by a court
• Disclosure of information about statutory inquiries
• OFSTED inspectors’ notes
• A request for information about Government Information Sharing initiatives
• Disclosure of Employment Tribunal details
• Drug testing methodologies
• AND when information about residential care homes can be disclosed under section 43