Freedom of Information Podcast: Episode 13

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  • Song Name: Freedom of Information Podcast Episode 13
  • Artist: Ibrahim Hasan
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  • Year: 2008

This is episode 13 of the UK's first Freedom of Information podcast by Ibrahim Hasan. In May (24) and June (19) 2008 the Information Commissioner published forty three (43) decisions whilst the Information Tribunal published ten (10). Ibrahim is here to guide you through some of these.

In this episode we will be discussing decisions on:

• The definition of information and when it is held by the organisation
• Vexatious requests
• Section 17 and the Public Interest Test
• Section 36 and requests about FOI requests
• When statistics can still be personal data
• The long running saga of MPs expenses.
• Disclosure of addressees
• AND when contract and financial information can be withheld under section 43